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31111 Rislone Head Gasket Fix, 680-g

SKU 0380847

  • Rislone Head Gasket Fix is the easiest solution to stop head gasket coolant leaks, seals cracked cylinder heads and stops block leaks
  • This formulation contains a combination of antifreeze compatible sodium silicate sealing liquid and various size gasket sealing particles which penetrate gaps & cracks and harden to permanently stop leaks.
  • Heavy duty formula works on aluminum and cast iron heads & blocks, along with sealing all other engine cooling system leaks better than a traditional stop leak. This includes repairing head gaskets, cylinder heads, intake gaskets, cracked blocks and freeze plugs
  • No draining of the cooling system is required, use with ALL types of antifreeze including conventional green or blue (Silicate-Based) and extended life red/orange or yellow (OAT/HOAT) coolant
  • Size: 680 g

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