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The Shell Rotella® family of products is built on the Triple Protection® Legacy of performance. explore the hardest working heavy duty diesel engine oils, oil filters and greases within Shell Rotella®'s complete product line.

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Shell Rotella® Oil Filters are guaranteed to meet fit, form, and function for those applications for which they are catalogued. Manufactured in the USA, Shell Rotella® Oil Filters follow the rigid requirements of light duty diesel engines with regard to burst strength, media area, valve integrity, and capacity as defined by the manufacturer’s engine type.

Other benefits of Shell Rotella® Oil Filters include:

Meet flow rate requirements for specific engine manufacturer’s requirements.

Provide the greater capacity diesel engines require to help reduce engine wear. Nominal Capacity design targets are based on specific engine manufacturer’s requirements.

Efficiently capture the dirt and contaminants the oil is removing and helps to protect the oil from premature load up promoting longer engine life

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