SVG3 Rubberized Rockerguard Undercoating, 550-g

SKU 0477936

Rubberized Rockerguard Undercoating is just what you need to protect the hard-to-reach nooks of your vehicle. This easy-to-use spray protects, soundproofs and insulates without chipping like traditional guards, helping to prevent repairs and rust.
  • Rubberized Rockerguard Undercoating is an easy to use, paintable rocker coating, that matches OEM textures and provides excellent abrasion and chip protection
  • Optimum rubber content provides maximum protection on rocker panels
  • Protects, soundproofs and insulates
  • Resists chipping to help prevent repairs and rust
  • Paintable in as little as 45 minutes to help get your vehicles into paint faster
  • Size: 550 g
  • Available in beige or black