PD00673 Protect Dip Removable Rubber Coating, Fluorescents

SKU 0477962

  • Protect Dip Removable Rubber Coating is an excellent way to protect your automotive parts against sand, salt, rust, and more
  • The Flourescents feature a wide slection of trendy colours
  • Made for our diverse Canadian temperatures
  • Product is easily removable
  • Smooth and nice finish that helps to keep it clean and better looking, longer 
  • Protects against moisture, acids, abrasion and corrosion 
  • Long lasting flexibility 
  • Removable from almost all types of surfaces 
  • Tested and designed to withstand temperatures from -40°F to 185°F 
  • U.V. Protection 
  • Special blend of solvent specially developed to use on car paint 
  • Try our new 360° degrees easy & comfortable nozzle on our 2.0 improved formula
  • For best results, we always recommend having a white base coat before applying fluorescent color
  • Coverage : Approximately 1 wheel in 4 coats (16" to 20")
  • Aerosol spray can; Net Wt 11oz (311g)