MGC794 MotoRad Locking Gas Cap

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  • MotoRad Locking Gas Cap prevents fuel loss, primarily through evaporation
  • Designed with pressure and vacuum relief valves
  • MotoRad’s locking fuel caps can function as a locking or non-locking fuel cap. When the key is turned to the left and removed, the cap is unlocked and no longer spins freely. The cap meets all emission specifications in both the locked and unlocked position
  • Symptoms of a failing Gas Cap include; Cap no longer seals or tightens, fuel odor / vapor smell in vehicle interior. Check engine light illuminated on dash

This Part Fits

1982-1983-1984-1985-1986-1987-1990-1991-1992-1993-1988-1994-1995-1989-1996-1997 Chevrolet Camaro
1989-1990-1991-1992-1993-1994-1995-1982-1983-1984-1985-1986-1987-1988-1996-1997 Pontiac Firebird