K2658-1 Lincoln Electric MIG Pak 140 Wire Feed Welder

SKU 0588040

Good to go right out of the box, for any household, hobby, DIY or any welding around the farm you need done. This easy-to-use, sturdy unit is forgiving even to the amateur welder (it comes with an instructional DVD and user’s guide). It has become a fan favourite (just check out its product reviews).
  • Lincoln Electric MIG Pak 140 Wire Feed Welder is 120V; 30-140A
  • Metal thickness: 24-gauge to 5/16"
  • Duty-cycle: 20% at 90A
  • Wire feed speed: 50-500 inches per minute
  • MIG and Flux-core ready, includes everything needed to MIG or Flux-core weld
  • Heavy-duty wire drive motor
  • No hassle tool-less design for wire spool mounting, wire drive service and polarity changes
  • Includes welding gun and cable, ground clamp and cable, spare MIG and Flux core tips, MIG nozzle, Flux-core nozzle
  • Also includes spindle adapter for 8" spools of wire, single reversible drive roll, gas regulator and hose, sample spools of MIG and Flux core wire, instructional DVD and learn-to-weld guide

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