C134PL FRAM Extra Guard Oil Filter

SKU 0171778

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  • FRAM Extra Guard Oil Filter is engineered for conventional and synthetic motor oils
  • Cellulose and glass blended media which provides advanced engine protection for your vehicle
  • Meets all manufacturers recommended change intervals
  • Silicone anti-drainback valve ensures start-up protection
  • SureGrip filter top allows for easier installation and removal
  • 95% filtration efficiency

This Part Fits

1951-1952 Fargo F3B Pickup
1951-1952 Fargo FO1 Panel Delivery
1951-1952 Fargo FO1 Pickup
1953 Fargo F4B Pickup
1953 Fargo FP1 Panel Delivery
1953 Fargo FP1 Pickup
1956 Fargo FC4B Panel Delivery
1956 Fargo FC4B Pickup
1956 Fargo FC4C Pickup
1957 Fargo FK8 Panel Delivery
1957 Fargo FK8 Pickup
1959 Fargo F100 Panel Delivery
1959 Fargo F100 Pickup
1959 Fargo FW100 Panel Delivery
1959 Fargo FW100 Pickup
1959 Fargo P200 Parcel Delivery
1959 Fargo P300 Parcel Delivery
1967 Jeep Commando
1967-1968-1969 Jeep Jeepster
1968-1967 Jeep DJ6
1968-1969 Jeep CJ5
1968-1969 Jeep CJ6
1968-1969-1967 Jeep DJ5