8403430 Alaskan Premium Ice Melt Jug, 5-kg

SKU 0596865

Clear the sidewalk or driveway effectively and safely with the Alaskan Premium Ice Melt
  • Alaskan Premium Ice Melt Jug is a fast acting, long lasting ice melter that prevents slips and falls
  • TrueBlue marker clearly marks where the ice melter has been applied and protects from over-application
  • High visibility, non-staining marker dye provides for accurate spreading and reduces waste
  • Gentle on concrete and grass when used as directed; see label for full precautions
  • Effective to -31°C/-24°F
  • Use 114 g per square meter or 1 cup (1/4 lb) per square yard
  • Contains a blend of NaCl, CaCl, Urea and traction aid
  • Size: 5 kg (11 lbs)