77167 OEM Fuel Pressure Test Kit

SKU 1250018

  • OEM Fuel Pressure Test Kit is designed to help determine if a fuel pump is defective or help diagnose possible fuel-system related performance problems
  • The included AutoAnalyzer™ performs all standard electrical tests for on-car and bench troubleshooting
  • Kit Includes: test gauge, boot & hoses, GM TBI adapter, dual manifold, Ford Schrader adapter
  • Also contains multimeter, 9 volt battery, black multimeter clip, red multimeter clip, multimeter leads, M8x1.0 banjo bolt, M12x1.25 banjo bolt, M12x1.5 banjo bolt, 5/16" hose clamp, 5/16 x 3" hose, 1/4" hose clamp, and 1/4 x 2" hose
  • Manufacturer Part #77167