70623 Alpena LED Quadfire

SKU 0203789

  • Alpena QuadFire is a compact but powerful LED pod light
  • QuadFire uses powerful LEDs for a higher lumen-per-watt ouput
  • Shockproof and waterproof alloy housing is IP65 rated for longevity and durability
  • Street-legal exterior LEDs
  • Efficient but powerful, QuadFire draws only 16W to illuminate your surroundings
  • An easy to install two wire power lead is fully insulated and protected from the elements and will run on any 12-24V system
  • Rated for 1500 lumens
  • LEDs have a 50,000 hour lifespan
  • A pivoting, adjustable mount ensures ease of install and a full range of adjustment for aiming purposes.