51-013 zMAX Micro-Lubricant Engine & Fuel Formula, 354-mL, 2-pk

SKU 0380225

As it soaks into metal, zMAX Micro-lubricant disperses harmful carbon build-up that can rob your engine, fuel system and transmission of performance and longevity. zMAX micro-molecules are reformulated to be smaller than regular oil molecules. This allows zMAX Micro-lubricant to more effectively reach internal parts to disperse carbon and other harmful deposits. By virtue of reducing carbon deposits, zMAX helps: improve performance, reduce wear on vital engine parts, increase horsepower, clean fuel injectors and carburetors and reduce emissions.
  • zMAX Micro-Lubricant Engine & Fuel Formula help to improve performance
  • One bottle of engine treatment and one bottle of fuel treatment
  • Cleans fuel injectors and carburetors
  • Reduces wear on vital engine parts
  • Increases horsepower
  • Improves fuel mileage
  • Reduces emissions
  • Soaks into metal and reduces engine deposits
  • For use in gasoline or diesel fuels
  • Includes (2) 354 mL (12 oz) bottles

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