5036426 Pennzoil 75W140 Full Synthetic Gear Oil, 946-mL

SKU 0280200

Pennzoil 75W140 Full Synthetic Gear Oil is a thermally stable gear oil engineered to exceed the most severe performance requirements for passenger cars, sport utility vehicles and light-duty truck differentials (including limited slip), manual transmissions and transaxles calling for an API GL-5 lubricant. It protects against gear wear and spalling, even during heavy loading.  It is ideally suited for use where extreme conditions exist or where an extended service interval may be encountered.
  • Pennzoil 75W140 Full Synthetic Gear Oil exceeds requirements of API Service Designation GL-5  
  • Meets major vehicle manufacturers' specifications
  • Size: 946 mL (40 oz)
  • This product contains special additives to: reduce bearing and gear distress under extreme operating conditions, protect at both high and low temperature extremes, resist oxidation to retard deposit formation, guard against €œchatter€ in limited slip axles, protect against rust and corrosion, and minimize foaming

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