427-512-79 Shell Advance Synthetic Snowmobile Oil

SKU 0281791

  • Shell Advance Synthetic Snowmobile Oil is a high-performance, synthetic, 2-stroke snowmobile engine oil
  • Recommended applications: high-performance/output 2 stroke snowmobile engines including those with variable exhaust systems such as RAVE*, and pre-mix and direct oil injection systems
  • Advantages include: low ash, synthetic formulation that minimizes plug fouling and pre-ignition, detergent/dispersant formulation that minimizes piston and ring deposits, superior low temperature performance, reduced exhaust smoke, (visible exhaust smoke is essentially eliminated after warm-up), no ammonia odour formulation, improved lubricity and anti-scuffing protection, superior rust protection, proven performance
  • Designed for unleaded gasoline up to 100:1 mixing ratio
  • Meets all major snowmobile manufacturers recommendations including Arctic Cat, Bombardier, Polaris,Yamaha
  • Exceeds highest API-TC, JASO-FC and ISO-EGD standards for detergency, lubricity, pre-ignition, exhaust system blockage and reduced visible exhaust smoke emission