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427-511-22 Shell Advance Snowmobile Oil, 5L

SKU 0281797

  • Shell Advance Snowmobile Oil is a premium mineral based, 2-stroke snowmobile oil
  • Recommended applications: High output 2-stroke snowmobile engines, pre-mix applications and oil injection systems
  • Advantages: ash-less formulation that minimizes plug fouling and pre-ignition, reduced exhaust smoke (up to 85%), low exhaust odour, no ammonia odour, superior low temperature performance, SAE Category 4 @ -40°C, improved lubricity and scuffing performance, detergent/dispersant formulation minimizes deposit formation, and protects engine against rust
  • Meets all major snowmobile manufacturers recommendations including Arctic Cat, Bombardier, Polaris,Yamaha
  • Approved TC-W3*
  • Meets API TC
  • Meets JASO FC smoke emission standard

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