4057ST.BP2 4057 Sylvania SilverStar® Mini Bulbs

SKU 1202264

The SYLVANIA 4057 SilverStar® High Performance mini bulbs deliver a whiter light. SYLVANIA achieves this using a specially design filament, propriety gas mixture as well as a lamp coating that shifts the colour temperature towards a whiter light. It produces 100% street legal light.
  • Sylvania 4057 SilverStar® Mini Bulbs are high performance mini bulbs that deliver a whiter light by using a specially designed filament and propriety gas mixture
  • SilverStar® Mini Bulbs are premium replacement bulbs for brake lights, tail lights, signal lights, interior car lights, and other automotive applications
  • Manufactured by a trusted OEM light source supplier
  • Legal for on road use
  • Lights dim over time, replace bulbs in pairs

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