3M Sandpaper, 4-in x 9-in

SKU 0475765

  • 3M Sandpaper is ideal for hand or machine sanding
  • For stripping paint from metal, plastic or fiberglass surfaces, featheredging, shaping and sanding body filler
  • Made with aluminum oxide, a tough, hard and versatile mineral that self-fractures to continuously expose fresh cutting edges
  • Produces a fast, long lasting cut
  • 40 Grit, used to quickly strip paint from metal, plastic or fiberglass panels
  • 80 Grit, used to refine the 40 grit scratches and featheredge for a smooth transition into the existing top layer of clear coat
  • 180 Grit, used to shape and sand body filler and refine the 80 grit scratches in the filler
  • Use during Stages 1 and 3 of the 3M body repair system
  • Size: 4" L x 9" W (9 x 23 cm)
  • Available in a variety of grits