160235 Amazing GOOP Automotive Adhesive, Black, 109-mL

SKU 0383748

  • Amazing GOOP Automotive Adhesive is designed to adhere to virtually any surface with exceptional strength, to meet your bonding, sealing and repairing needs
  • Ideal for fast car and truck repairs including sealing convertible tops, re-attaching loose auto trim, emblems and rear view mirrors
  • Bonds to metal, glass, plastic, vinyl and leather
  • Will come in handy for quick fixes to seats, mats, lights, mirrors, handles, dashboards and paneling
  • High temperature formula can tolerate up to 66⁰C (150⁰F)
  • Temperature resistant formula remains flexible, even in extreme temperatures
  • Abrasion resistant formula provides great bonding for items subject to vibration
  • Waterproof formula bond remains secure even when exposed to water
  • Size: 109 mL

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