0387903 B’laster Chain & Cable Lubricant with Teflon, 311-g

SKU 0387903

  • B’laster Chain & Cable Lubricant with Teflon is a heavy duty lubricant that cuts friction and extends the life of chains
  • Formulated with Teflon™ Fluoropolymer to help reduce friction and wear
  • Extreme pressure lubricant with anti-sling components
  • Also inhibits the chain's corrosion
  • Great for use on motorcycles, bicycles, and throttle cables
  • B'laster Chain and Cable Lubricant is a long-lasting formula designed specifically for use on any light-duty chain or wire cable applications
  • Prevents further rust and corrosion and sheds contaminants like mud, grass and water
  • Repels dirt
  • Size: 311 g