0280243 Mystik JT-7 Gear Lubricant, 85W140, 946-mL

SKU 0280243

  • Mystik JT-7 85W140 Gear Lubricant meets API Gear Service GL-5, GL-4 and MT-1, also meets EP performance equivalent to former GL-6
  • Service fill lubricant for “limited slip” axles
  • Top quality, versatile Hypoid EP gear lubricants; recommended in applications that specify API GL-5 or GL-4 type lubricant
  • Multiple viscosity grades with high viscosity index
  • Wide temperature range for all season application in most climates
  • Have outstanding thermal stability/durability or long term heat resistance, better than most competitive conventional gear lubricants, thereby providing longer life at higher operating temperatures
  • EP additive provides superior wear and scuff protection
  • Grade: 85W140
  • Size: 946 mL (32 oz)