Mobil 1 Truck & SUV 0W20 Formula Synthetic Motor Oil, 4.73L

SKU 0289476

  • Mobil 1 Truck and SUV 0W20 Formula Synthetic Motor Oil is an advanced full synthetic formula specifically designed and formulated for truck and SUV gasoline engines
  • Provides outstanding performance under all operating conditions
  • Extra protection for hard-working engines
  • Protects trucks and SUVs in tough operating conditions
  • Tested and proven in 5,000 lb towing test
  • This product is recommended for use in applications requiring: Ford WSS-M2C930-A; Ford WSS-M2C945-A; Ford WSS-M2C945-B; GM 6094M This product meets or exceeds the requirements of: API SL; API SM; API SN; API SN PLUS; API SN PLUS RESOURCE CONSERVING; API SN Resource Conserving; API SP; API SP Resource Conserving; ILSAC GF-6A; Ford WSS-M2C960-A1

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