02065-66 Castrol EDGE 5W20 Extended Performance SyntheticEngine Oil, 1-L

SKU 0289255

Castrol EDGE Extended Performance features some of the best attributes of Castrol’s patented Fluid Titanium Technology that transforms its structure to be stronger under pressure. It helps keep metal apart and fight power-robbing friction to unlock maximum engine performance. Castrol EDGE Extended Performance provides performance with the strength to extend drains for 24,000 KM, power with the muscle to maintain viscosity stability under the extreme force of the engine and protection from wear.
  • Castrol® EDGE® Extended Performance is Castrol’s most advanced full synthetic motor oil
  • 3x stronger than the leading full synthetic against viscosity breakdown
  • Unique, adaptive strength maximizes short and long term engine performance and delivers unsurpassed levels of protection across a variety of driving conditions and temperatures
  • The power to maintain viscosity stability under the extreme force of your engine
  • API SN PLUS/SN/SM/SL, ILSAC GF-5 (except 10W-40), DEXOS1, FORD M2C947-A, MS-6395
  • Size: 1L Bottle