Castrol EDGE Synthetic Motor Oil, 4.4-L Jug + 1-L Bottle

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  • Castrol EDGE Synthetic Oil with Fluid Titanium Technology is a premium fully-synthetic motor oil designed to provide superior power protection and performance for today s engines helping your vehicle operate at a high level
  • Reduces metal-to-metal contact across a range of different driving speeds
  • Protects the engine for the engine drain interval even under extreme pressure
  • Decrease engine deposit formation to help maximize engine response
  • Exceeds engine manufacturerÆs warranty requirements for applications requiring ILSAC GF-5 GF-4 and GF-3
  • Use with confidence in every gasoline-engine passenger vehicle new or old regardless of oil previously used
  • Exceeds passenger car and gasoline light truck requirements for the protection of gasoline and turbocharged engines where API SN SM SL or SJ is recommended