Permatex The Right Stuff One Minute Gasket

SKU 0382503

When seals go bad, you need The Right Stuff. The Right Stuff seals instantly, allowing equipment to return to service immediately. These long-lasting, elastomeric formed-in-place rubber gasket makers are more reliable and longer lasting than cut gaskets, and at a fraction of the cost. The Right Stuff® allows you to custom fit gaskets to any shape or size for different applications quickly and easily.
  • Permatex The Right Stuff One Minute Gasket is OEM specified by Honda, Nissan and Mazda
  • Sensor safe and non-corrosive, will not contaminate oxygen sensors or corrode other electronic engine components
  • Performs under higher torque loads associated with engines having closely spaced bolt patterns
  • Blowout resistant, allowing leakproof gaskets to be made in just one minute
  • Seals instantly, forming a reliable, long lasting elastomeric rubber gasket
  • Superior resistance to powertrain fluids including engine oil, transmission fluid, gear lube and coolants
  • Temperature range -60°C to 260°C (-75°F to 500°F)
  • Applications: Automotive, industrial and marine gaskets, valve covers, gearbox covers, pumps, compressors, oil pans, thermostat housings, water pumps, etc.
  • Available in a variety of sizes